Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Privacy of Performance Project by Erin Hanke

As an active as a chamber musician in New York City, Erin Hanke performs regularly with the Bach Vespers ensemble at Holy Trinity Church and with Waits Trio. Ms. Hanke has studied with Ketil Haugsand, and has served as assistant to Dr. Gwendolyn Toth, artistic director of ARTEK, and was recently appointed concert manager and administrator of Music Before 1800, New York City's longest running early music series. She studied organ performance with Dr. John Chappell Stowe at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Making her practice sessions public, Erin Hanke is exploring the privacy of performance with her Express+Local piece. Not to be confused with concert performance, this project examines the sensitive moments of practice for the performer when seen through a public scope.

Two more postcards

Evangelist shouts
in my ear on the subway.
“Stop shouting!” I shout.
XO, Ellis

For real?
Or are you just warning it’ll snow
to have something to say?
XO, Ellis

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Hi Everyone...

A few links to press coverage of Express+Local:

Greenpoint Star
Queens Tribune
New York Daily News

Thank you to everyone who participated and was interviewed.


Ellis' Postcards (as of 02.09.11)

From Manhattan to Queens with Love!
Waist-high snowbank
festooned with somebody’s
shoe collection.

Best wishes, Tara, to you,
to my fellow artists-in-
residence, and to everyone
at Queens College Art Center!  XO, Ellis Avery

Post Office-
I think of Laurie Anderson
“Neither snow nor rain...”
XO, Ellis

Night, WALK sheds less light
then DON’T WALK. This is bad,
if you’re mincing through slush.
Hi Queens! (Sorry)

Crampons would help
on a day like this. A friend
brings a gift of firewood.
XO, Ellis

Dreamed a baby
held a toy rabbit, which wore
tiny 3-D glasses.
XO, Ellis

A month ago,
the sun hit my wall at 8:40.
Now? 8:15.
XO, Ellis

A half-melted snowman:
stern, hieratic,
like an eroding stone saint.
XO, Ellis